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Let's Change the System #GoHomeGota2022

edited June 2022 in Sri Lankan revolution
Let's Change the System, DO NOT be a coward, rise up, stand up, speak up

Probably the most decent, peaceful demonstration I ever seen. No garbage drops. Cleanly kept. Well behaved. No drunks, lunetics, thieves or even smokers. Plenty of free food and drinks given by kind people. Even the camps are orderly erected. Few clergies from different religions peacefully supporting the protest. Majority are our younger generation. Regardless of their race or religion all have become one, way it should be. No one has a hidden agenda but a simple message from young people "you all politicians, screwed us for over 70 years and now its time all of you to get the hell out of here, we young people will create a new culture and leadership" . 100% Agree . We may have difficulties but with this kind of attitude anything can be overcome in no time. Proud moment to be a Sri Lankan. if public have chosen competent politicians over the years, this country could have being the best place to live by now. Nothing is impossible.
-Harsha Subasinghe
කුනු වෙලා තියන සිස්ටම් එක වෙනස් කරමු 

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