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Another 6 million dollar corruption from a bankrupt country

partly champion is an independent mp in parliament and speaking to reporters on friday he revealed that massive profits are being generated by those who are involved in procuring fuel for sri lanka meets the economic crisis we highlighted the fact that massive premiums were being paid when procuring fuel for the country at a time where there is a shortage of dollars it was reported in the media that power and energy minister kanchanvijay secretary had filed a complaint with the cid however we cannot assume that the investigation would be fair and just secondly the cid does not possess the technical expertise with regard to such matters we can name a few experts who can conduct a proper investigation along with the auditor general the premium is a lump sum cost of the supplier or exporter that includes transportation charges port charges insurance suppliers profit and the local agent's profit the premium is a collective of all these costs that are additionally added to the cost of a barrel of fuel on the 17th and 18th of february 2022 the premium per barrel for 92 octane and 95 octane petrol was 3.87 usd and that was a reasonable fee vital singapore has imported diesel with a premium of 3.4 us dollars per low sulphur barrel and 4.1 us dollars per high sulphur barrel that was on the 27th and 28th of march 2022 we had the relevant documentation but on the 14th and 15th of july 2022 the premium hit 25 usd from 3 usd the premium per barrel of high sulphur diesel is 24 usd the flat price in singapore for high sulfur diesel is 129 usd however they have quoted 145 usd the premium alone is 24 usd around 300 000 barrels were imported with a premium of 20 usd or more per barrel that generates an additional profit of 6 million us dollars in addition to that since they quoted 129 barrel at 145 usd another 16 usd is made as a profit per barrel of fuel what is unfair is that 50 rupees is being looted off from every single litre of petrol sold in the country her proper investigation needs to take place unlike what the cid does with producing people to quote simply to intimidate them it must be done directly by the auditor general so that parliament will also be informed it is clear that the company is engaging in this using a different name it's the same company involved in the satellite scan therefore it is the responsibility of the energy ministry and the coal supplier to provide details to the audit agenda

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