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What happened to the delayed petrol shipment? and paid 42.5 Million Dollar

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Rajapaksa vikrama singh fascist junta why do we need such a government this country is dragged further into an abyss
every second this government is in power

on multiple occasions the minister of power and energy had said that a petrol shipment is to arrive on the 23rd of
this month but there has been no update on what happened to this shipment
on june 16th power and energy minister kanchana vijay sakhara said two suppliers have been chosen to supply
petrol and diesel to sri lanka he said letters of credit have been opened to make the purchases
the subcommittee appointed by the cabinet granted approval to enter into agreements with two suppliers to import
petrol and diesel we have sent them the letter of award confirming the order we receive their details by 2 pm people's
bank will open letters of credit i discuss this with the people's bank chairman and the prime minister we have
agreed to provide people's bank with the required dollars and rupees after the letters of credit are opened we can tell
when the petrol and diesel shipments will arrive we will bring down the first consignment as a test
however although letters of credit were opened one supplier had placed a condition that sri lanka must name an
international bank as a guarantor at that time trade unions revealed that no international bank had agreed to be
named as a guarantor they said that they paid 42.5 million us
dollars for a petrol consignment that would arrive on the 23rd and that letters of credit were opened through
people's bank but the ship hasn't begun moving towards sri lanka as we haven't been able to name an international bank
as a guarantor

the minister of power and energy initially said the petrol consignment would arrive on june 23rd however on the
morning of june 23 the minister tweeted that the shipment will be delayed by two days on june 24th the minister said the
arrival of the full cargo will be delayed even further the following day on june 25th the
minister in a tweet said he regrets that the arrival of the foreign cargo would be delayed even further
trade unions then revealed that a supplier was insisting that the government should name an international bank as a guarantor or make the full
payment in cash at that time a senior official at the ceylon petroleum corporation told news first that the
full payment for the full cargo had been made as the country anticipated the arrival of the shipment the ceylon
petroleum corporation distributed tokens to people who were in queues however there has been no update on the full
cargo for which payments were made power and energy secretary marpa patirana told news first it is the regular process to
pay for a cargo after it arrives he said it is unfair to question him on whether payments have been made and that is not
a matter that concerns him

where is the petrol shipment they have ordered the fuel supply tender to a company that we have never heard of the
minister said the ship was near switzerland and that it will reach the country on the 23rd then they said the ship is 15 nautical miles away from sri
lanka and that it will arrive on time a few days ago he said the arrival of the field ship will be delayed but where is
the shipment yesterday he said the shipment won't arrive at all there is a racket at sea if they get caught they
leave the entire shipment and escape

the government opened letters of credit worth 42.5 million us dollars as they tried to pocket commissions by importing
fuel on the champion pula tanker while not following the tender process the laser head company has said they need a
cash payment and that opening letters of credit is not enough the salon petroleum corporation paid 42.5 million us dollars
to people's bank what happened to that money in 2012 an iranian crude oil shipment was hijacked mid-sea the ship
was located using a satellite by the u.s embassy we lost 30 million us dollars we
paid 6.5 million us dollars for a ship carrying waste we didn't receive fertilizer or unload a fuel cargo this
is the third corrupt deal

the champion pula vessel referred to by trade unions is now in the seas of india
the ship is travelling from the krishnapatnam port to the kakinada port thousands of people are in queues across
the country with tokens in hand to buy fuel what happened to this shipment and the payments that were made can those in
responsible officers be allowed to misuse the hardened money of the people

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