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How To Unlock A Carrier Locked Iphone? FREE

edited June 2022 in IT, Coding, TEC

Hello guys, today I am going to show you  how to carrier unlock your iPhone for free. 

After you do this method, you can  now use any simcard on your iPhone. 

This method is working for android  and ios devices, but in this tutorial  

I will going to use my iPhone as an example. As you can see that my iPhone says that  

"SIM Not Valid" because I am  using a SIM that is not supported. 

So let's start the tutorial

First I will remove my sim card using this  Eject Pin Key before I start the process. 

now get your phone and open your  browser and type  

(remember that you can use any phone or  even desktop to access this website). 

now you gonna need to fill up some details type your email address. 

and now type the IMEI of your  device. If you don't know your IMEI,  

I will show you how to get it. Go to your iPhone and type  

*#06# and your device IMEI will popup. Now copy and type that IMEI. 

after that select the device  that you want to carrier unlock,  

mine is iPhone so I will choose "iOS". 

now hit "Connect" button  and wait for it to connect.

Okay, now that your device is connected,  you can see an safety feature option. 

Tick "Proxy" and "Security Check" Option. 

And now click the "Unlock" button. now wait for the unlocking process.

Now that the unlocking process is almost  done, we will do a simple verification. 

You just need to install two or more  apps to finish the verification process. 

We do this verification to prevent automated bots  that spamming our website, don't worry it's very  

quick and easy. Just follow what I do. I'm gonna fast forward the  

verifcation process so please focus. Remember that after installing the apps, it's  

important to open it for 30 seconds to trigger the  verification, just like what I do in the video.

Now after successfuly installing  2 or more apps, let's check my  

iPhone if it's already carrier unlocked. You can see that my iPhone has no SIM card 

Now let's put in the SIM card. after putting in the sim card,  

you iphone will ask for the sim card pin. Let's put the pin and hit "OK".

Now let's wait for my iPhone to read the sim card. 

And Voila! My iPhone is now Carrier Unlock! I  can now use any carrier sim card with my iPhone!

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Until next time! Peace out!

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