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How much are we spending on Gas? Are the deals transparent?

This is the dollar cost to Sri Lanka, USD 817700, and it went to someone's pocket

294,497,925.80 Sri Lankan Rupee (This is the stolen amount in LKR)

Sri Lanka is experiencing a gas crisis
and on top of this, there is a
controversial tender to supply gas which
is stirring up a lot of questions now
litogas Lanka has issued a statement
providing clarification on this very
controversy but just before we get into
that here's what has happened so far now
we know that literal gas called for
tenders to supply gas for 12 months
that's 280 000 metric tons
of gas, a tender was called for and we
know that three companies supplied
tenders uh the lowest bid was made by cm
gas Singapore uh which quoted 96 dollars
per metric ton that's for freight and
insurance that's in addition to the
contract price the second lowest bid was
made by oman trading that was for 129
per metric ton now we know that
on the 5th of April
cm was informed that it was indeed
awarded the tender
but however on the ninth on the 13th of
may oman trading
made an appeal
they submitted a letter calling for
various documentation to be provided
requiring clarifications on this
awarding of a tender and subsequently
the previous tender awarding was
suspended and the tender was awarded to
Oman trading now it is in response to this
that literal gas has now issued this
clarification now litro says that it
issued this nine-point uh statement as
you can see behind me uh where it says
that it had not been able to select cm
due to the inability to source 30
million dollar letter of credit for this
the purpose now this is where the
the controversy comes into the picture now
the tinder was for 280 000 metric tons
but according to litro cm said on the
30th of May that they can only supply
6600 metric tons at 112 dollars which
litro says is only sufficient for five
days now let's do the mathematics
when you take six thousand six hundred
you divide that by five days you
multiply that figure by 365 and you have
four hundred and eighty-one thousand
eight hundred now which means that of
the 481 thousand we require
we have only 10 that for 200 000. now
why is there a difference of 200 000
litro has not provided a clarification
with regard to now oman trading however
they remain at 129
for a hundred thousand metric tons that
is oman trading's uh bid offer
and that they did not change their
so the question now uh comes to this
picture into the picture
how much of our money is being wasted by
this transaction
the difference in freight cost is 17
that's where oman trading offered it for 129
dollars and we know that uh cm offered it for 
96 now that's it and they increased that
to 112 dollars that's a difference of 17
now you multiply that by the 481 000

this is the dollar cost to Sri Lanka

USD 817700

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